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♻️ Have you heard about Wiltopia? It's @PLAYMOBIL first sustainable product range!

♻️ Have you heard about Wiltopia? It's @PLAYMOBIL first sustainable product range made from an average of over 80% recycled materials! Discarded #recyclables are given a new life as this colorful and extraordinary new play theme!


Zelah received an awesome giftset of their latest and greatest new play sets! Her favorite of the lot is this Wiltopia Animal Care Station! It's a multi-level tower that includes an awesome rotating platform at the top so she gets a complete 360-degree view. It even has e functional compass in the roof! What a fun way to see the #junglewildlife up close. The tower is also a shelter for howler monkeys with trees and vines. I love how this set includes a collectible animal card with the Wiltopia app! Zelah loves to learn all about animals and their habitats! She even took a selfie with them by projecting the animals right into our home via AR. Wiltopia is a fun and educational way for her to go on adventures to regions around the world and I love how it encourages an appreciation for the wildlife that lives there and our planet as a whole. Check it out on Amazon

♻️ This awesome new #Wiltopia line is also on-trend topically! Set in the exotic world of the Amazon rainforest, Wiltopia focuses on traveling and discovering the diversity of our planet - all with underlying educational content about animals, nature, geography and, of course, sustainability!  Of course, all with all the imagination and creativity you expect from #PLAYMOBILsets. There’s even a free web-based app that will include more info on the Amazon and its animals, puzzles, quizzes and more!  Check it out!



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