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🌈 Have you heard about the SUPERKIT store on Amazon yet?

🌈 Have you heard about the #SUPERKIT store on Amazon yet? They make fun crafting kits for kids designed to promote artistic creativity and eye-hand coordination while improving concentration and following directions. They have lots of different #embroidery and craft design diy themes including Button, Wood, String, Cross-Stich and Advance Embroidery Kits. There are lots of adorable patterns to choose from too! Our favorites so far are the String Kits.

🦄 We completed the Unicorn string kit today! Tomorrow we are doing the Rainbow. So much fun for ages 7 and older and a good way to build hand eye coordination. The set comes with a marked wooden board, screws, skeins, screwdriver, paints, paintbrush and easy instructions. Zelah had fun using the foam brush to paint the unicorn, screwing in the small screws in the pre-marked holes with the included screwdriver and wrapping the string around the screws to complete her beautiful artwork. We enjoyed hanging here finished masterpiece in room! The String Art Unicorn and Rainbow kits are so fun! They also have a Balloon, Boat, Elephant, Ice Cream Cone, Two Hearts, or a Whale to choose from.


We've also been working on her new Embroidery Bicycle and Baloon Kits! Wonderful way to teach beginning #embroidery!! These #embroiderykits are available in lots of other creative designs including a Butterfly, Heart, Rocking horse and lots more.


Another fun option is the Superkit Christmas Tree Button Kit! It makes a wonderful holiday craft or gift!



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