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🌿 Have you heard about plants by people yet?

🌿 Have you heard about plants by people yet? They make the most delish organic plantbased beverage blends packed with natural superfoods and adaptogens. I love drinking these as part of my daily health and wellness routine because natural remedies work wonders!

🌿 I got to try the *explore beverage blend variety collection that includes 5 sachets including Shine (detox), Glow (digestive health), Bloom (energy), Thrive (immunity support) and Harmony (relaxation). I simply mix them with my drinks, hot, cold or bubbly.

🌿 My favorites so far are the Bloom and Harmony. The Bloom tastes delicious like Cherry Goji Berry. I drink this in the morning in place of coffee. It contains 40 mg of natural caffeine so it gives me tons of energy without the jitters or the crash. The Harmony is also a favorite and tastes like Pomegranate Apple. I typically drink this before bed to help me relax and sleep through the night naturally.

🌿 These PlantsbyPeople tonic blends are organic, gluten free, vegan , low sugar and low calorie with no artificial sweeteners. Try anything sitewide for yourself and use my code to save: NURSESHANNAN



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