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🌌 Have you heard about Neuluna Day and Night cream yet?

🌌 Have you heard about neuluna Day and Night cream yet? I've been using it for a few weeks and it's my new favorite all purpose skin cream! I love the clean scent it has and that it contains my favorite skin care ingredient #hyaluronicacid. It's way different than other skin creams that contain hyaluronic acid though because this formula combines natural ingredients and a patented delivery system that increases the absorption of hyaluronic acid. Studies have even shown that this #NeuLuna face cream formula actually facilitates 250% more hyaluronic acid adsorption than traditional products!!

I use it in the morning on a clean face before I put my makeup on and at night before bed. It keeps my skin super smooth and hydrated 24/7 and has an intense moisturizing and restorative effect. The perfect solution for my #dryskin plus It's also an excellent #moisturizer for all other skin types, including dehydrated or oily skin. The #antiinflammatory properties also help with acne, aging, #eczema, and sensitive skin. I've noticed quite an improvement in the overall texture of my skin and some fading of my #sunspots, fine lines and scarring since I started using it! 🌌 To learn more about this super hydrating multipurpose #NeuLuna day and night cream and try it for yourself visit




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