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💗 Have you heard about maelys cosmetics yet?

💗 Have you heard about

maelys_cosmetics yet? Their formulas are developed in-house, made in the US, and loved worldwide by millions of women, including #khloekardashian!  Many of their #skincareproducts have even been featured in top beauty media including @forbes and #goodmorningamerica and are regularly added to the #giftbags for A-LISTers at celeb events including the #mtv Movie & TV Awards!!

I'm excited to have the opportunity to be a #maelyscosmeticspartner and share my opinions about 4 of my favorite #beautyproducts from them. I've been using

REFINE-IT,- CHARGE-IT, - SO-FLAWLESS DIVA and - SO-COOL for the past month and love my results. I especially love the CHARGE-IT

This #facecream helps reduce the dryness and makes my skin smoother and less tired-looking. The SO-FLAWLESS DIVA is awesome for blurring my #skinimperfections, covering #blemishes and getting a quick tan and shimmer. The SO-COOL is what I use after I spend time in the sun. 🌞 I simply apply the body wash, lather and rinse. It makes my skin feel soothed and fresh. It's full of #skinloving ingredients including

Shea Butter to help moisturize and smooth, Menthol for a soothing, cooling sensation and Sunflower Seed Oil. Lastly, I use the REFINE-IT Repairing Night Cream to my face every night to reduce wrinkles, defend my skin from free radicals, and it always helps my skin appear restored in the morning.


To learn more about @maelys_cosmetics and try them for yourself visit



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