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Have you had a chance to try cbd lotion yet?

Have you had a chance to try cbd lotion yet? This is the first cbd lotion I've tried and I like it even better than the salves. This full spectrum cbd lotion from @tanasi_botanicals is super potent & infused with 1200 mg of #hempextract. It's a luxurious feeling hand and body lotion that's made with sunflower seed oil so it feels silky smooth and not greasy. I mostly use this as a safe non pharmaceutical way to relieve aches and skin inflammation. I simply rub one pump on my shoulders and wherever else I need it and typically get relief very quickly. #Tanasi has a wide range of products available from CBD tinctures to lotions with a variety of strengths and flavors. 🌿 They are the first patent-pending University developed line of #CBD products available to the market. To learn more and try them for yourself visit



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