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Have you had a chance to try an acupressure mat yet? 🌈

Have you had a chance to try an acupressure mat yet? 🌈 I recently started using this acupressure mat everyday for deep massage treatment and it's amazing. As a busy mom who often needs a massage this is great because it has all the same benefits of getting a professional massage and totally gets rid of pain and stress. It's also great to use while meditating and improves flexibility and posture. The reason it works so well is because thousands of #acupressure points simulataneously stimulate the nerves and improve blood circulation,  which releases tight muscles, increases energy and #musclerecovery!🌈 ad. It's perfect for on the go as well because you can just roll it up in it's handy bag and use it while sitting on a chair, laying on a couch, bed, floor or wherever else you would like to use it. This set even comes with a neck pillow that I also think works great on the bottom of my feet. 🌈 To learn more and see the different colors it comes in visit


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