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💚 Have you ever used a sugar scrub?

ad. 💚 Have you ever used a sugar scrub? I've started using scrubmegood exfoliating mango grapefruit sugar scrub in my skin care routine and it works wonders! It removes all the dry dead skin! It also stimulates collagen production, prevents ingrown hairs, and moisturizes my skin - all in one simple step. I love how soft, smooth and hydrated my skin looks and feels for days afterwards!

💚 I've also been using scrubmegood mango grapefruit luxe body lotion. It smells amazing and is a lightweight and non- greasy natural formula. The reason it works so well is because It's made with many of my favorite natural, skin loving ingredients -

Shea butter - for deep, lasting hydration.

Jojoba oil - for balanced, non-greasy moisture.

MN grown cold sunflower oil - contains antioxidants and vitamin e.

💚 To learn more and try these gentle natural ingredients in your healthy skin routine visit -


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