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🌹Have you ever tried T-Beauty (Taiwanese) skincare products?

🌹Have you ever tried T-Beauty (Taiwanese) skincare products? Arwinbiochem has launched their brand in the USA and I've been using this super hydrating skincare line for the past couple weeks! All arwinbiochem skincare is from Taiwan & handcrafted with over 40 years of experience. It's science centric skincare for all different skin types and skin concerns.

❇️ I got to try their Age-Defying line of products for fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and sagging skin. I've been using this line for a couple weeks and love my results! My skin feels totally refreshed, smooth and super hydrated.

*Facial Anti-Aging Cream is my favorite! It nourishes and improves the appearance of depleted and dull skin.

*GHK-Cu Revitalizing Essence is

specially formulated with skin-restoring and whitening ingredients. It reduces the appearance of sunspots, agespots, acne scars and other uneven skin tones. Plus it helps to firm and tighten your skin.

*Golden Placenta Ultra Eye Cream helps repair visible skin damage and strengthens the skin’s underlying supportive elements.

*Glycoprotein serem is a key element in the extracellular matrix that binds the cells of the skin to the collagen fiber structure.

*8-Oligopeptide serem

helps repair the skin and increase hydration and collagen.

*Bulgarian Rose Cleansing Mousse is a deep cleanser that nourishes my skin with a soft and creamy mousse. I use it to gently wash away makeup, pollutants, and grime without stripping or drying my skin.

*Rosa Vita Tonic Mist is made with rosadamascena and multiple vitamins. It helps ph balance and to nourish, protect, soothe, and calm my skin. Love how it keeps my skin moisturized all day.

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