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☕ Have you ever tried coffee that is actually good for you?

☕ Have you ever tried coffee that is actually good for you? This coffee from habitual herbs is not one of those "coffee alternatives", it tastes exactly like me regular coffee except this one has a ton of long term physical and mental health benefits!! I love how it contains powerful supplements already I know and trust including lion's mane mushroom, chaga mushroom, collagen protein and L-Theanine.

🍄 The lion's mane mushroom reduces brain fog and gives me some mental clarity. The chaga mushroom is a natural caffeine alternative, it's also an amazing anti-inflammatory so it helps to ease and heal any sort of gut issues. The collagen protein is always a favorite of mine because it helps with metabolism and my overall joint, skin, and hair health! Lastly the L-Theanine is a green tea extract that reduces anxiety and jitters. This is amazing because it makes me feel calm by counteracting that jittery feeling that sometimes occurs while drinking caffeinated coffee.

☕ This habitual herbs coffee totally tastes just like my regular coffee! It is unlike most healthy things in life that usually have a trade off of flavor or texture. I wouldn't even know it was so healthy if not for the way it makes me feel! Try it for yourself with my code for an additional 20% off. Code: nurseshan


* My exclusive discount code is valid for the next 7 days.


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