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🌿 Have you ever tried cbd?

🌿 Have you ever tried cbd? I've been using it for years because it's a natural, non pharmaceutical way for me to treat pain, sleeping problems, and give me an energy boost when needed. I've never tried it with a transdermal patch until now and I'm impressed with this @affixpatch new way of delivery!


I simply put a patch on clean dry skin and love how I don't have to take anything by mouth like pills or gummies. These patches are my new favorite way to take cbd because they don't cause any stomach upset and are a more consistent & accurate delivery over a long period of time. Plus I can get a higher absorption rate and targeted application. .


This Affix Bundle has everything I need plus added ingredients for my sleeping problems, #painmanagement and that extra focus & energy boost when I need it. I use the ComfortFIX formula patch blend of cbd, Menthol & Wintergreen Oil to relieve localized aches and pain. The

RestFIX formula is a blend of cbd and Magnolia Essential Oil to help me relax and fall asleep easier and the AwakeFIX has a blend of cbd and Mineral Oils including Lemongrass and Tea Tree to help me focus and give me a natural energy boost.


To learn more about these innovative patches and get 15% off use my code: SHANNON15



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