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🌴🩷 Have you ever played pickleball?

🌴🩷 Have you ever played pickleball? I've only played a few times but I'm planning on playing more on our next vacation. I'm ready to begin my pickleball journey with my new

sunset pink pickleball visor and pickleball palm towel from ThePickledPalm.

🩷 This visor is super cute, well made and sweat resistant. It's made with waterproof, lightweight, double-layered fabric that has a clever, antimicrobial inner band. It also has an adjustable velcro band so it stays in place even during active play.

🌴 The Pickleball Palm towel has such a cool design with a blend of palm trees and paddles. It keeps me dry and also showcases a cute beach vibe style during the game. It's made in the USA with 100% plush feeling cotton. The perfect size for coverage and wiping away sweat during intense matches. Check out all the innovative accessories - visors , hats, towels and more designed for pickleball beginners and enthusiasts to elevate their game! Get 10% off anything with code: SOCIALS10




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