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❓ Have you ever experienced unusual hair loss?

❓ Have you ever experienced unusual hair loss? I noticed I was losing tons of hair a couple months ago and finally figured out it was due to #anemia and most likely hormonal changes. There are lots of different types of #hairloss and any girl or woman can be affected by it. Some of the most common reasons for #femalehairloss is:

Older than 40


Just had a baby


Hairstyles that pull on the hair Harsh Harsh chemicals on your hair


I started taking these @provitausa O!VITA Hair Vitamin Gummies from last month and my hair has finally stopped shedding so rapidly plus I have some new growth. I like how these hair vitamin gummies provide important essential vitamins for my hair including 5000mcg of Biotin. Biotin is also known for its benefits to support skin and nails. 🍒 These cherry flavored gummies taste great and also include lots of other nutrients besides biotin that are amazing for hair. They actually nourish my hair from within with #folicacid, Vitamin A, and lots more.

I always choose #provitausa because their supplements are made from non-GMO ingredients making them richer in nutrients. Gown naturally, clean and healthy plus always

manufactured in the USA . Right now you can try a #FREE product from #provitausa or get 20% off your first order site wide by simply signing up for their special offers and updates


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