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💗 Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Have you heard about Active Skin Repair Spray and Active Repair Hydrogel from bldgactive?

💗 Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Have you heard about Active Skin Repair Spray and Active Repair Hydrogel from bldgactive? They are absolutely amazing and a must have for your entire family! They're amedical-grade treatment for everyday wound care and skin repair that you can buy without a prescription! Completely safe, non-toxic & natural skin repair that work wonders on all ages for minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, sunburns, normal burns, chaffing, rashes, insect bites, and other skin irritations including open wounds! The reason they work so well is because the ingredients support your body's own healing process. active ingredient: Hypochlorous (HOCl). HOCl is naturally produced by the white blood cells in our bodies as a natural way to support the natural healing process.

💗 The main ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid which is a natural antimicrobial produced by your white blood cells! It's anti-inflammatory properties help to naturally calm the skin. It  kills 99% of bacterial, viral and fungal microorganisms within 15 seconds! This skin healing treatment is different than any other antimicrobial and topical antibiotic out there because it's completely non-toxic and causes no allergic reactions. Amazingly it's even safe enough to use around your eyes, ear nose and mouth.

💗 I use Active Skin Repair spray and Active Repair Hydrogel on all my family members for cuts, minor wounds, burns scrapes, sunburns, rashes, insect bites, and just about all skin irritations. The Hydrogel uses a non-toxic biodegradable gel that helps moisturize damaged skin and the spray is a mist. I love how they can be used together or separately. Both are completely safe to use on open skin wounds too! They contain both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties so it's the perfect treatment for all kinds of different skin problems. Plus they are natural, non toxic and antibiotic free so we can use this spray safely around our eyes, head, mouth, and ears. Plus it's simple to use, multifunctional, and produces absolutely no stinging!

💗 I feel good about using Active Skin Repair and  Active Repair Hydrogel because they have the same proprietary formulation that’s used in hospitals worldwide. bldg Active is also FDA cleared for use on open skin and is a leader in Hypochlorous with more than 1 million bottles sold. Active Skin Repair has a 24 month shelf life and every lot they produce is tested for efficacy and safety.

🌿 If you've been looking for a natural way to heal all kinds of skin irritations and even open wounds check it out! To learn more about this innovative  healing spray for your family visit


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