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🦃 Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This binicare waterflosser is such a great way to make sure my teeth

🦃 Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This @binicare.waterflosser is such a great way to make sure #myteeth and gums stay healthy! 🥘 Especially important to use after meals!! Love how it's wireless so I can #waterfloss my teeth anywhere.

It has a huge water tank that's large enough to provide uninterrupted water flossing instead of needing to refill it with water multiple times like other water flossers I've tried in the past. It also has a detachable water tank so I can easily clean the inside of the reservoir. 🛀 It's waterproof so I can even use it during bathing and in the shower. Love the innovative nozzle tip design so I can easily clean my gumline and entire teeth areas. Great for my #crowns but also handy for people with implants bridges, braces, brackets, wires etc.

It has five #flossing pressure modes ranging from very strong water pressure to quickly remove food particles between tight teeth gaps with low noise. I use the highest setting but the low settings are great for people with sensitive teeth, kids and older people. Another plus is how there's a gravity ball at the end of the suction tube so water can be completely drained from all the angles. This is by far the best water flosser I've ever used! It's currently available on Amazon ➡️


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