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🦃 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

🦃 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! I found this adorable happy thanksgiving turkey graphic and all my new adorable highlighted story clipart at Did you know that people who use #GoogleImages in their blogs, social media posts, presentations, projects or teaching materials are in danger of not only downloading images infected with viruses but also violating Canadian and US #copyrightlaws. ad. I'm so happy to have a 1 year subscription to access over 21 million copyright-safe #clipart images, photos, fonts, sounds, video and #webgraphics to choose from. I think this is the perfect solution for #bloggers, #teachers, students, web designers, graphic designers, tv & movie studios, government organizations, #smalbusiness owners, printers, religious organizations, book #authors, app creators, software companies, crafters and so many more people that want to make sure they are compliant with copy right laws. 🌈 Check out and save 20% on all One and Two-Year Subscriptions with my code:



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