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☘️💚 Happy Saint Patricks Day Everyone!

☘️💚 Happy Saint Patricks Day Everyone! Zelah was so excited to receive these gifts with a purpose from benebearworld! Bene Bear and Sparkle the Dog are so adorable and an interactive way to teach kids all about being kind, helping others, being respectful, and giving back.

💚 I love how these sweet plushies teach valuable lessons. When a child shows kindness, is respectful, helps others, gives to others, or shows concern for others feelings, they put a token in Bene Bear's token slot. Every token earned can stay in Bene Bear's token pouch until they are ready to be used again or traded in for a reward from a parent or grandparent. 

💚 Sparkle the Dog is a new addition and is equally purposeful! Sparkle teaches and reinforces the traits of kindness, respect, empathy, and giving but with an animal and pet focus! When a child is kind, shows respect, shows concern, or gives back to animals or pets, they can put a token in Sparkle's token slot.

🧸🐕 Both are wonderful ways to teach about kindness and you can choose the bear for a people focus or the dog as a pet focus! I suggest both and you can also use them as a reward system for your child! To learn more and give your child a real gift with a purpose visit our friends at

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