• Nurse Shannan

🖼️ Happy Fathers Day Jimmy!

🖼️ Happy Fathers Day Jimmy!! This year has been rough on everyone and we didn't get to take the normal beach vacations we normally do so for Father's Day I decided to surprise Jimmy with this gorgeous beach vacation painting gifted from @paintyourlifeart. 🏖️ This painting was inspired by a photo I uploaded to their site and every detail was hand painted by the talented artist Michael.  I love how I was able to browse though all their artists portfolios and had the option to choose my favorite artist for this job. I was also able to choose the type of painting I wanted from oil, watercolor, pencil, pastel or acrylic. I chose the oil painting option and we are all in love with the way it turned out!!! What a  unique personalized gift for any gift giving occasion and a wonderful way to preserve past moments. 🎨🖌️ This gorgeous work of art pretty much speaks for itself so no wonder #paintyourlifeart are world  leaders in portrait paintings. They have over 30,000  happy customers and I'm definitely their newest fan!!

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