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🐰🌷🐣 Happy Easter everyone!

🐰🌷🐣 Happy Easter everyone! Zelah's favorite Easter basket goodies were the Sloth and Lemur giftset from wild_republic! Both have ultra-realistic designs that replicate the look of a real three-toed sloth and ring tailed lemur found in the rain forests of South America. Love all the details of the distinctive facial and body markings! You can find these and many more realistic animal friends at

⛴️ Another easter favorite was Lolo’s Boat Bead Maze giftset from

bababooandfriends_usa! Adorable little boat and a fun way to teach kids about balance. Zelah likes to move the wooden elements across the track. She also has fun threading the beads along the maze! When the boat rocks little bells ring and it has lots of combinations. It's currently available at barnesandnoble stores.


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