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Hamsa Charm Bracelet 

Did you know that when a person wears or carries a #hamsa with them, it guards against misfortune? #goodluckcharm ad.✌ A hamsa is a palm-shaped #amulet in the shape of an open right hand. This image is recognized and used by many as a sign of protection and as a defense against the #evileye. This @evileyecollective genuine opal hamsa charm comes in either blue or white. I personally love the blue #opal because it's color is intended to be used for general protection, broadening your perspective and pronotong solitude and #peace. The white opal is worn to promote purity and focus, clear clutter and obstacles and to start fresh. The charms are lined with beautiful white #cubiczirconia jewels and made of solid 925 sterling silver. You can order these bracelets in gold, rose gold, or silver plated. I also like that they are adjustable in length to fit any wrist size 6.5 to 8 inches. I think this would make a unique and thoughtful gift for just about any occasion. This bracelet is currently on sale for $29 ➡ What color opal do you like best??


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