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Hairdorables Series 3 Dolls 🙆

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

The new hairdorables series 3 dolls are now available at walmart!! I can't wait to surprise Zelah with this new doll. Each doll includes 1 surprise hair tool for girls to color, crimp or curl the hair extension and they all have their very own signature fashion including themes like, pj party, outdoor fun and dance party! There are 39 different hairdorables series 3 dolls to collect. I wonder which one is in this box and I can't wait to see the look on Zelah's face when she opens it.🙆 You can now find these fun dolls at walmart.




8 commenti

09 ago 2019

So cute! She’s gonna love it!

Mi piace

30 lug 2019

These are so adorable! I bet my little one will like these someday!

Mi piace

30 lug 2019

These dolls are super cute

Mi piace

28 lug 2019

These are so cute! My 4yo would love this!

Mi piace

27 lug 2019

My niece would love this!

Mi piace
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