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Gourmet Superfood Parfait Collection 🎁

This gourmet superfood parfait collection #gifted from @laumieregourmet makes a great gift for any occasion ❤ Especially #ValentinesDay!! It's a yummy #energyboosting combo of completely natural dried fruits & nuts packed with nutrients. We also love how this unique luxury dessert is soy free, dairy free, #glutenfree and made with no perspectives, sugars, artificial flavors or colorings. I like to give them to Zelah as little healthy snacks or after dinner treats.. This collection also makes a thoughtful #gift choice for vegetarians and vegans too.🎁 Try the #laumieregourmet superfood parfait gourmet collection for yourself or give it as a gift with 10% off!! Use my unique code:NURSE10 at ➡


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