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Glasses Gallery 👓

I'm so very proud of Zelah for being such an angel and wearing her new glasses all the time!!! We thought this would be a huge battle but she took to them right away and actually really likes wearing them! The frames fit her perfectly thanks to the specialist at @glasses_gallery who helped me pick out the perfect miraflex maya42 frames! I love how incredibly affordable they were too.. especially compared to the other sites I looked at. The #glassesgallery has high quality lenses & anti-glare lenses which give you even clearer vision (it feels like there is no lenses at all). 👓 I was so impressed with the customer service, fast shipping and the quality of the lenses and frames that I've already ordered a second pair of #miraflex frames in a light pink color with a slightly different style that I will also be posting about soon. 👓 Right now @glasses_gallery is having a deal where you get an extra 25% off with Rx Lenses & Free DHL Express! Use Code: HELLO2020 ➡




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