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🎁 Gifted 

🎂 Have you heard about @thisisgifted yet?? It's an innovative way to send invitations, collect RSVPs, receive cash #gifts and give back any portion to charity all at the same time!! It's the only online #invitation and group-gifting site that actually lets you donate any amount back to your #charity of choice. I found it very easy to use and think it's the perfect solution for parents hosting their children's #birthday parties because it makes it so simple to buy your child that one big gift they want and also teach them the importance of #givingback. Best of all by using @thisisgifted you're helping to reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating waste created by packaging, wrapping paper, and greeting cards. 🎂 To learn more and get a $10 Cash Gift at GIFTED use my code: NURSESHANNAN ➡




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