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Geppetto #babymusic 🎶

🎶 Do you ever have trouble getting your little ones to fall asleep? I found the most beautiful and relaxing music for children.🎶 @geppetto_babymusic was specifcally developed to help #littleones relax and fall #asleep. My favorite thing about it is it's all original music developed in Austria with No covers, No lyrics and No in head singalong that might stimulate or keep kids awake.. 🎶 The main instruments are piano, #glockenspiel and their newest addition the Harp. They currently have 12 amazing albums for #newborns, babies, #toddlers and it's even soothing for parents too.👪 Geppetto #babymusic can be found on several music platforms for FREE on @youtubemusic, @spotify, @applemusic, #googleplay and more. To see all the places available for free streaming and download visit ➡




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