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Gecko Robot Window Cleaner 🏠

This innovative @gladwellusa gecko robot window cleaner is so fun! It uses suction technology to attach to your window and has washable microfiber pads that scrub windows super clean. It's especially useful for hard to reach windows and even works on other types of surfaces besides windows. I love how it can detect edges and uses an advanced algorithm to scrub every part of your window clean. The best part about it is how you can use the remote to clean your #windows right from your couch or wherever you want. It works on both inside and outside windows and has a safety rope attachment so in case it falls off it's completely protected. The gecko #windowcleaner also comes with an app so you can customize all the features to fit your specific home needs. 🏠 If you have hard to reach windows or just want to have the option to easily clean your windows with a remote then check out the #gecko. Get 25% off with code: nrseshnnan. Hurry code expires in 7 days. ➡




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