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ad 👪 Flu season has been a challenge this year and I'm always looking for ways to stay healthy. Taking just one of these @FizzBenefitz Well Better Vitamin C tablets dissolved in water is equivalent to eating 10 oranges in one sitting!! They have a yummy orange flavor without the pulp and provide 1000mg of vitamin C and 9.3mg of zinc. Plus they're all natural with no artificial flavors, colors, sugar, carbohydrates, or additives. The Well Better Calcium supplements have more calcium than a glass of milk and have a delicious tropical taste dissolved in water to give you a healthy boost of calcium without the bulk. An easy way to help maintain healthy teeth and bones. Love how they come in these compact portable bottles so you can easy take them anywhere. They're both currently available on Amazon and . . 👪 Has this flu season been particularly difficult for your family this year too ? . #betterwithbubbles #fizzbenefitz #getyourfizz


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