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Essential oil diffuser bracelet gift set.

This essential oil diffuser bracelet gift set from @dimaggio_official 🛍 is so clever. It comes with 8 different color pads so you can put some drops of your favorite #essentialoil on them to diffuse throughout the day. I love how you can easily change your favorite different scents and colors to match your mood or outfit of the day. The #bracelet looks and feels to be well made of stainless steel and polished by hand. It's also easy to use 🙆 you just put a couple drops of your favorite #essentialoils onto the cotton pads and insert it into the locket. The pads can be easily washed with water and reusable too. I think this #essentialoildiffuser jewelry gift set would make a thoughtful gift for just about any occasion. Right now there's a promotion going on for 50% off all bracelets with code: dimaggio on @amazon ➡

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