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💻 Have you heard about #ElvaLive yet? It's an online selling platform that hosts incentives to reward your customers. I love how you can easily create #affiliate codes to give to all your customers and Elva tracks which ones are in the lead to win the prizes It's similar to #Kickstarter @Shopify and @Poshmark all combined into one. Kickstarter is about setting goals and giving prizes but instead of giving #prizes in exchange for donations, the person with the products gives prizes in exchange for #sales & referral quotas. Anyone who sells on #Elva can create incentives for their customers and the affiliate is used for new customers to purchase from, giving the existing customer credit for the incentive. A #seller of Elva is referred to as a brand founder and every brand founder has a dashboard that tracks who is winning the incentive. Best of all Elva takes no cut of your sales and it’s only $30 a year!! What a clever way to have your customers drive your business by making them winners of the incentives and prizes.🎁 To learn more visit ➡ http://Elva.Live


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