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Ellia Essentials aromatherapy essential oil roll on blend with cbd 🌿

This @elliaessentials aromatherapy essential oil roll on blend with #cbd smells heavenly and feels invigorating when applied to pulse points. I like to put it on my wrist and temple #pulsepoints. My favorite way to use cbd is with a roll on because I feel it absorbs better this way and you can distribute it easier. I love how #Elliaessentials oils are 100% pure & therapeutic grade plus they're sourced from various countries around the world to find the best. This #cbd roll-on includes 100% essential oils and carriers that allow it to be used directly on the skin with #purecbd oil. To learn more and get 15% off use promo code: ELLIACBD15 ➡


Sponsored . 🌿 Have you tried cbd in a roll on form yet? .


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