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🎅 Ellen's Winter Box is Here!

🎅 Ellen's Winter Box is Here! This gifted BE KIND by @ellendegeneres 12 DAYS AT HOME BOX is packed with 12 really cool gifts & 2 bonus gifts. I can give these gifts to my friends & family plus keep some for myself! BE KIND. Members also have the option to send this entire box- special edition 12 Days at Home box as a one time purchase to a friend.

🎅 These gifts are socially conscious products handpicked by ellen degeneres & valued at over $600! I gave the bracelet, satin pillowcase, comb and car air freshener to my best friend. I gave the puzzle and Let it Snow dish cloth to my aunt. I'm definitely keeping the earrings, self love book and a few other things for myself!

🎅 Every season the BE KIND. subscription box features socially conscious brands who are changing the world,! When you use these products, you’ll be reminded of the impact you’ve made. To learn more visit the


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