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Eceen Solar Backpack

This Solar powered backpack from #eceen on @amazon is perfect for #hiking, picnics, long walks etc. This backpack looks and feels to be well made of water and tear resistant nylon & polyster material. Love how it folds up compact like a sandwich size and fits into a small pouch so you can easily pack it in your suitcase. The solar panel is powered by the sun and converts sunlight into electricity. All you do is insert the wire into the socket and put the solar panel charger under the sun. It charges all usb powered devices.(iPhone, tablet, #ipad LG, HTC, Samsung, Action cameras, Go-Pro, GPS, Kindle, speakers, power banks etc.). Also perfect for sports events, high school and college. I think this #backpack would make a unique and thoughtful gift for just about anyone. To learn more check it out on @amazon ➡



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