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Dual Shave 2 in 1 makeup remover/moisturizer, shaving cream 💗

I've been using this @dualshavebrand 2 in 1 makeup remover/moisturizer, shaving cream for about a week. It's such a convenient way to keep my entire face & body nourished and 100% bacteria free. It's also an effective anti-acne treatment with its innovative blend of 5% benzoyl, vitamin A and goats milk. These ingredients deeply soothe, renew and moisturize while getting my skin incredibly clean. My favorite thing about it is how after shaving my legs feel super smooth & soothed with no nicks, razor burns and bumps. This is my new favorite bath product because of its ingredients plus it's paraben-free and can be used from head to toe. 👉 Now available on @amazon under Dual-Shave (HeR). *Learn cool Beauty tips & much more to prevent acne at: DUAL-SHAVE.COM - 👉 BUY HeR’s & GET HiS’s FREE EXCLUSIVELY WITH THIS COUPON CODE ONLY FOR MY FOLLOWERS: DUAL-SHAVE777-HER (when buying direct through their website!) .


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