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🧠� #Dog Fact of the day - dogs have Zodiac signs too! �🐕‍🦺

🧠� #Dog Fact of the day - dogs have Zodiac signs too! �🐕‍🦺�

�♋� Could yours be a Gentle Gemini? Or perhaps a Terrible Taurus... �🤣�

�🐶� Whatever your pup's zodiac sign is - you can now show it off thanks to @wawoofdotcom, a young fashion company I found recently. �👚�

�🎉� They've created the only zodiac-inspired pet clothing line for dogs that helps you celebrate the connection to your four-legged companion in a unique, personal way. They make for great gifts too! �💗�

�🧀� They have tee's for over 30 breeds in sizes XS to 4XL. And while they're based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands they ship them for free to wherever you live! �🌎�

�🐶� Check them out @wawoofdotcom and get 10% off + free shipping by using the code 10wawoof �🤑�

🙋‍♀️� PS. If you don't know your dog's birthday, pick the one that best matches your four-footed friend's character. �🎉�




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