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之 Do you suffer from seasonal allergies?

之 Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Jimmy has a miserable time with them every year and has gone through all sorts of different remedies and nothing ever seems to help! We FINALLY found a way to get him some relief with this personalized #allergyrelief kit from @getallwell!

He simply answered some questions about his allergies with their free online assessment and an #allergist put together the perfect kit specifically created to meet his unique signs and symptoms. Now he has a 3 step allergy therapy plan that actually works! Jimmy's personalized kit includes: Allergy Relief, Head, #Congestion & Mucous and these handy Allergy Nasal Congestion Strips.

Step 1 - Daily Relief- He uses this at the first sneeze of the season. He's been taking these daily fir the past week.

Step 2 - Rescue Relief He takes these as needed, he takes these when he has a really #badallergy day.

Step 3 - Relief he uses these to calm his body when it's on #highalert.

He also has been using this awesome free #cyroroller for depuffing painful #sinuspressure.

If you or a loved one suffers from seasonal allergies check out @getallwell and take the free assessment to get your own personalized #allergyrelief plan. They currently have lots of promos going on right now including a free cryoroller with $35 purchase, use code: CRYOCRAZY at



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