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💚 Do you have problems with heartburn, gerd, acid reflux?

💚 Do you have problems with heartburn, gerd, acid reflux? I've had these problems for years! My two favorite natural ways to support my digestive health is by doing daily yoga diaphragmatic belly breathing and taking these Refluxter supplements from nutritistllc. Diaphragmatic belly breathing reduces stress levels by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which is a key part of supporting gut health!

💚 I take one of these Refluxter supplements daily for my chronic heartburn. They're all natural sodium alginate based supplements that work way better than antacids because they don't just treat the symptoms of acid reflux, they actually help prevent acid reflux! The work by forming a temporary foam barrier at the junction between your esophagus and stomach. These supplements are safe to take every day and also safe to take if you're pregnant. They work wonders controlling my heartburn problems and I love how they're safe to take long term, unlike many prescription acid reflux meds if tried in the past.

💚 To learn more about how to naturally take care of heartburn, gerd, and acid reflux symptoms visit


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