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Do you have eye wrinkles that are increasingly becoming more noticeable?

Do you have eye wrinkles that are increasingly becoming more noticeable? I do and after using countless creams, remedies and devices I've finally found the solution for decreasing them once and for all. There are so many different reasons why under-eye wrinkles begin to develop. Some of the reasons we can actually correct and some we can't. I believe that understanding some of the most common causes of wrinkles under and around the eyes can help us figure out the best ways to treat them while preventing further issues from occurring. A few of the most common reasons under eye wrinkles develop are loss of collagen, sun exposure, rubbing of the eyes, facial expressions, vaping/ smoking, not sleeping on your back, genetics, and dehydrated skin. My main problems with under-eye wrinkles are dehydrated skin and loss of collagen due to the natural aging process. Did you know that collagen is the main reason why skin is smooth, firm, and soft? Collagen is so important to our skin's health because it helps our skin cells renew, repair, and regenerate. The normal aging process causes our body to decrease the production of collagen which was n turn causes a loss of elasticity in the skin. All of this causes wrinkles, lines and skin sagging. Thankfully there are lots of different ways out there available to boost our collagen levels. Over the past five years, I've tried several different remedies including collagen supplements, hyaluronic acid creams & serums, vitamin c, aloe vera gel, ginseng, antioxidants, retinol, and my favorite of all which is light therapy.

The most effective treatment by far for my undereye wrinkles related to my loss of collagen caused by the natural aging process is light therapy. I've tried a few different devices at home to administer light therapy including full face masks but the very best and most effective I have found is the amazing Eyetech device by @SpaceTouch. It delivers the perfect amount of led light therapy that is a proven under-eye wrinkle treatment. Studies have shown that red light therapy and other types of light therapy increase collagen growth and actually decrease wrinkles and improve the skin's elasticity. In 2021Trusted Source, other researchers looked at the effect of red light combined with near-infrared light on skin cells in a laboratory. They found that it stimulated the production of collagen and elastin. The studies showed that light therapy helps to prevent wrinkles and other skin changes that are most commonly associated with the aging process. Another interesting fact about light therapy is that different LED colors do different things for our skin and body. Out of all the colors available I like Red LED light therapy the best because it is known to reduce inflammation and stimulate the production of collagen. It also helps reduce the signs of aging including wrinkles as well as scarring. It works by stimulating fibroblasts which is important because these skin cells are actually responsible for collagen production. Red light therapy treats the top layer of the skin called the epidermis. So when the light is applied to targeted areas of your skin, the epidermis absorbs it and then stimulates all those fibroblasts and collagen proteins. It's a great way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles because the more collagen we have the better our skin looks. Red LED light therapy is also great to use after some in-office dermatology procedures because of its healing properties to decrease inflammation and increase recovery time in general. Yet another benefit is that red light therapy is known to treat inflammatory skin problems sick as psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea. I've been using Eyetech by Space Touch at home to administer red light therapy under and around my eyes for the past few weeks and have seen amazing results. It works way better than any other creams, serums, devices, or supplements I have tried in the past. I love how it's a noninvasive, pain-free, safe treatment that is incredibly comfortable to wear. It works by delivering LED light therapy through wavelengths and has 7 Red LED points. I love how this innovative device delivers light into the skin under my eyes at different depths making it even more effective. It's a quick and easy, wireless, hands-free way to increase collagen and decrease my under-eye bags, fine lines, and wrinkles plus adds a healthier glow to my skin.

The #Eyetech device comes with everything I need including two eye pads, a charging case with a mirror, silicone sticker pads, a user manual, and a USB cord. I typically use the Eyetech under eye wrinkle treatment device for 10 minutes every day and love how it's so incredibly easy to use.

I simply clean and dry the areas under and around my eyes. I then peel back the silicon stickers on each side and put each LED point facing upwards. I like how each silicone sticker can be used for up to seven treatments before replacement as long as I remember to keep them fresh by simply covering them with the branded sticker after each time I use them. Each under-eye patch has a handy R and L label so I simply apply them under both of my eyes according to right and left labels. Lastly, I activate the device by simply pressing the button and putting it on any of the three mode selections I want to be targeted that day. The three mode selections to choose from are Vibration Mode, LED Mode, and Combination Mode. My favorite of the 3 modes is the LED Mode because it specifically treats fine lines and wrinkles. The vibration mode treats dark circles and puffiness and the combination mode is designed to treat a large array of under-eye problems. I also like how the device automatically shuts off after 10 minutes on its own so I don't need to worry about a timer. To learn more about Eyetech by Space Touch and try this innovative and effective led light therapy device for yourself visit

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