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🥳 Do you have a nutritional or caloric diet goal for 2021?

🥳 Do you have a nutritional or caloric diet goal for 2021 like losing or gaining weight, decreasing sodium, tracking your protein or #carbs etc. I recently started using this next generation @titroo calorie counter app to gain a better understanding of the foods I eat to help me reach my #goals. It's such an easy way for me to record the foods I eat and the activities I do on a daily basis!!. I simply choose from the database of over 250,000 foods including everything from fast foods to highly #nutritious foods and record what I ate or even what I intend to eat to see if it alligns with my goal. It then gives me an exact breakdown of that particular foods specific #calories, #protein, #carbohydrates, #vitamins, #salt, and so much more. 🥣

I also love how it gives me instant insights and statistics on my #diet and how my diet is effecting my #goals. This is an easy and clever app for people curious about how their eating and activity habits affect their #dietgoals as well as for those on a specific diet like #vegan, #fitness etc. Titroo is also recommended for people on #healthmaintenance diets for diabetes, heart disease #lowsodium etc. You can even create your own meals, #recipes and customized foods for easy entry in your personal calendar. My favorite thing about this app is how I can set and track the progress of my 2 specific goals which are maintaining my current body weight and increasing my water intake. If you have any sort of nutritional or caloric goal for 2021 download this app to help you crush those goals!!


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