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DIY Jewelry Making Kit 💖

So much fun in one box!! There are 600 pcs of Pop Beads for hours of creativity in this DIY jewelry making kit. Also perfect for all sorts of #ArtsandCrafts. All the beads are made of non-toxic plastic and the surface is smooth and easy to connect for little hands. We have been making all sorts of bracelets, necklaces, and rings with lots of different combinations. This is also a great way to help kids improve fine motor and hand-eye coordination. We also like how there are no strings or tools needed and the beads just snap together. The beads have perforated holes that allow you to take them apart and re-use them again to make new designs. I think this would make a thoughtful and fun gift for any little girl 4 and up. This #DIY jewelry making kit is currently available on @amazon. Get 10% off with Code: VV6HTHSA ➡



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