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Digital Swimming School

Did you know that drowning remains the leading cause of the death for kids under the age of 5 and 1/4 of the US population of adults can’t swim? I'm passionate about getting the word out about this because I grew up in AZ where everyone had a pool and my step dad was an emergency room physician who wrote a popular book called *Breathe Little Boy Breathe* about child drownings and was even on the @oprah show getting the message out . 🏝 This Digital swimming school from @swimlessonclubusa is an excellent way to help parents learn how to teach essential #swimming skills to their children and it's also a great way for adults to teach themselves how to swim. Kids learn how to swim quicker if parents can effectively practice outside traditional #swimminglessons. The course also comes with a Free E-Book *Swim Lesson Secrets*. The class is normally $45 but right now until 3/4 you can get the class for $15 with their @groupon deal ➡ . ATTENTION 🙆 I'm happy to announce that @swimlessonclubusa has just given me 10 codes to share with my followers for a completely FREE! Class!! NO credit card required.!!




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