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🙆‍♀️ Did you know that the back is about 13% of your body's surface area?

🙆‍♀️ Did you know that the back is about 13% of your body's surface area. Unfortunately this area is often ignored because it's so hard to reach. Check out this ultimate self care bundle from getbearback! This 5-in-1 tool is so clever! It's perfect for hard to reach back & body skin care. The set includes one handle and all the interchangeable attachments that slide on and off the handle. The handle even collapses for shorter reaches and easy storage.

I use these 5 attachments for massaging ,#applyinglotion & sunscreen, exfoliating, scratching itchy skin and scrubbing in the bath or shower.

1. Massage Roller- I use this to relieve muscle soreness and I also use it to massage my husbands back. deep tissue massage

2. Back & Body Scratcher - love how it's so gentle on my skin and completely gets rid of all itches.

3 . Lotion Roller Applicator - perfect for applying all kinds of different lotions, medications or sunscreen on my back and other hard to reach areas. It's hypoallergenic foam roller applies lotions generously and evenly.

4. Silicone Bath & Shower Body Scrubber- This totally suds and scrubs making my skin feel super soft, smooth, and refreshed.

5. Natural Bristle Dry Brush - The best exfoliator ever! Also great for lymphatic cleansing.

🙆‍♀️ To learn more about the Bearback Ultimate Back & Body Self Care Bundle visit



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