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💜 Did you know that most women start perimenopause in their late 40s?

💜 Did you know that most women start perimenopause in their late 40s? You officially reach menopause after you haven't had a period for one year. On average menopause starts between ages 51 and 52 but that varies from person to person. The most common symptoms are hotflashes, chills, night sweats, dry itchy skin, sleep problems ,#moodchanges, weight gain & slowed metabolism. @xojacquiproducts has

organic, plantbased options to support women in all phases of perimenopause, menopause and beyond! I've been taking Daughter's blend protein powder and You're Sweet Organic Sweetener to help me with symptoms.

💜 Daughter's blend - It's an organic protein powder made with brown rice protein to help with that monthly bloat & hibiscus to help with cramps and stabilize hormones. Hibiscus also has antidepressant properties to help manage mood swings & anxiety during your cycle.Also contains essential vitamins, minerals, & protein to strengthen muscles & bones. It tastes great and contains no sugar! I mix it in smoothies, shakes & baked goods. I simply shake 1/4 cup powder with 8 oz plant based milk or blend into a smoothie. Today I used 1/3 cup in 12 oz liquid for a post workout protein bump.

💜 You're Sweet Organic Sweetener -- it's a natural sweetener to ween you off unhealthy sugars * high sugar intake can disrupt hormonal balance and cause inflammation. You're sweet organicsweetener is a blend of apples & dates that has no after taste. It's a yummy way to reset your palate and say goodbye to processed sugars. It also helps me maintain stable blood sugar levels, reduces inflammation & promotes a healthy digestive system. I typically add 1 tsp or more to smoothies, hot drinks, oatmeal or anything I usually add sugar.

💜 Xojacqui is a female owned business you can trust! They handle everything from formulation to shipping with no middle woman or large corporation. Just them, hoping to make a difference in your menopause journey! Most of the line is available on Amazon but not the Daughter's blend. To learn more and get 15% off sitewide visit & use my code : SHANNAN15


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