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🌱 Did you know that liquid supplements are way easier for your body to absorb?

🌱 Did you know that liquid supplements are way easier for your body to absorb? This WELLNESS BUNDLE of REGEN, REST and RENEW liquid supplements from regenrus

is everything I need for clean healthy energy through the day and sound sleep through the night. Plant based, ancient ingredients that actually work!

🌱 I take REGEN everyday as part of my health and wellness routine to support my nervous, immune, circulatory, and digestive systems. It's packed full of plant based ingredients I know and trust - hemp oil, aloe vera, and ginger extracts!  I take about 1 ml under my tongue 3x day before meals.

🌱 RENEW is another favorite of mine. It's a combo of three powerful ingredients! The curcumin turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant! The resveratrol is known for anti-aging benefits and lots more. Plus it contains

phosphatidylcholine from Non-GMO Sunflower - known for improving memory, supports metabolic health and more.

I take this powerful synergistic blend to improve my overall health. I take a little over a tsp mixed into about 1 oz. of juice.

🌱 I take the REST to help me naturally relax at night. I love how I wake up totally refreshed. It's a combo of all my favorite natural sleep remedies including chamomile, magnesium,

californiapoppy, lavender

milk thistle and more. I typically take about 4 ml under my tongue before bed.

🌱 I also got to try a sample of

SOOTHE Muscle & Joint Creme. I love how it relieves my low back pain so quickly. It feels light, non greasy and has a mint scent. It also contains some wonderful natural ingredients including organic aloe, full-spectrum hemp and other natural remedies.

🌱 To learn more about these clean ancient ingredients and get 10% off anything with my code: NurseShannan visit


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