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🌿 Did you know that glutathione is the body’s most important master antioxidant?

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

🌿 Did you know that #glutathione is the body’s most important master antioxidant and is responsible for oxidative stress support. I take @continual_g (glyteine) twice daily that instantly increases my cellular glutathione levels above homeostasis level. This immune boosting supplement tastes great and is actually the only product out there that contains #glyteine.

I also love how #continualg comes in these little handy #onthego packets and all I need to do is dissolve a packet of this drink mix in a glass of water twice daily to benefit from all the #immuneboosting benefits. 🌿 If you've been looking for a new and delicious way to give your body an immune boost check it out and use code: 9d3abe



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