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Did you just make a huge purchase on a new home?!

Did you just make a huge purchase on a new home?! Not to worry my friend because this is such an exciting time for you and your family. As a new homeowner, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the many things you want to get done. Besides the tasks of moving, making your home feel comfortable and attempting to get everything that you can do before going back to work- yes it’s a lot! If you have an hour or only a few days to start or at least finish a few of these projects, it’ll make your life a little easier. The best part of doing a few of these is that some only take a few hours to do but will save you a lot of time down the road. 

  1. Paint - One of the biggest and simple transformations for new homeowners is to paint their home. This can take time depending on the size of the room so my suggestion would be to go small and take your time. Visit a paint store and have someone help you pick out various colors that you want to paint the room. Grab your samples and paint a small section of the wall with the color to get a better idea of if you like it or not. Once you find your paint color, start with big strokes and take your time with painting. 

  2. Add a bold stair runner - Another big transformation that may be an expensive thing is adding a stair runner! While it may be a lot of money to help your stairs have a good grip, adding carpet can be too expensive to do right when you move in! Take just two off the shelf woven runners, a few supplies from a home center and you can upgrade your stairs with a non-slip upgrade in just minutes! Whatever you choose to do, I’d make a statement with the stair runner and show off your personality with it. Think a fun runner with a pop of color or exciting print. Whatever your choice, it’s a great conversation starter as your guests enter your new home. 

Image: Brazilian Wood Depot

3.. Build a fence - If you think your backyard needs a fence, one of the first things you’ll need to do is get a permit from the city to be allowed to build it. Look into the building materials carefully. If you are thinking of having a wood fence, there are several different types to choose one. Look at one that will last a long time and be compatible with your lifestyle. Brazilian Wood Depot offers quality fences including composite deck boards to help with this decision. They also have a lot of professional tips they could offer as well if you had questions. Once you have the wood, you need to find out where your property line is and review any fence plans with neighbors. Figure out where your gate will be and measure the perimeter of the area to get a total linear footage. 


4. Throw Away The Water Bottles -Did you know that there are millions of households that have switched to bottled drinking water because of their concerns over the taste of their tap water? The problem exists because of where our water comes from, which is the ground well. But there is an easier way and a more inexpensive way to get clean fresh drinking water. What’s that? Install an under-sink water filtration system! While this may seem like a huge DIY thing to do, you should hire a professional to install but it’s one of the best home improvement projects to get done right away for you and your loved ones!

Now that you have an idea of a few projects to help around your new home, which ones do you think you’ll want to start with first? Just remember that all of these items do not need to get done the second you move into your home ( cough cough, the painting ) and you really want to be happy with all of your decisions so my biggest piece of advice would be to take your time and go through each room of your home to think of what you want to do.



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