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Decocrated Fall Box

This @decocrated fall box is amazing 🍁🍊🍃 I’t’s full of all sorts of fun & trendy decorating items. We love how #decocrated supports local #artists from around the nation so you can be sure your box has one of a kind pieces that cannot be found at any retailer. #DecocratedFeaturedArtist 🍊The featured artist for the fall box is @lechatdangereux. Some of the items have a seasonal fall message on one side and an “everyday” type message on the other. These hand crafted items work together as a seasonal fall look in one room but can easily be put around your home in various places like I did too 🍊 see how #idecocrated my house with 8 fall decocrated items. The Decocrated Blog also has some fun downloadable content, how-tos, and trend highlights. It’s a great resource that adds even more value to the membership. Each #decocrated box 🍁 has over $200 worth of home décor for just $79.99. I think this box would make a thoughtful house warming gift or as a surprise for yourself to enjoy each season. Use my unique code:shannan.rn10 to get an additional $10 off your 1st box.


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