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Color Dosing Medicine Spoons ❤

This medicine dosing spoon kit from @colordosing is one of the best ideas I've seen all year. My favorite thing about them is they help prevent accidental overdosing and underdosing of your child's #medicine. 🏣#lifesaver. The set comes with six spoons (mL and TSP) and a magnifying tool. These dosage spoons can even attach to your various sized medication bottles. Mis-dosages often happen when you’re in a rush or mismeasure because it can be tricky to figure out the correct dosage sometimes. These color dosing #spoons can save you from making possible fatal errors. We love how each spoon clearly includes a color coordinated label ❤ What a safe way to end the guess work and pour the exact dosage each time. #ColorDosing is also an important tool for the elderly. I highly recommend these medication dosing spoons to any parent or caregiver ➡


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