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Christmas Elf 🎄❤

The new 2019 Silly Elf Box gifted from comes with everything you need for 25 days of silly Elf Fun🎄 It has lots of new setups and poses, but still has some of the fan favorites from their 2018 Box. It includes 25 days of activities for your #elf and each day focuses on fun, funny, and memorable activities and silly poses. I love how all the supplies, activities, and props are included and everything is pre-packaged into easy to grab day bags. There's even a style guide and examples for each day. ❤ The Silly Elf Box has changed from #subscriptionbox to one-time box purchases, so purchasing this year's #ElfBox is a one-time thing. You can even get this box with or without an Elf and there's an option on the checkout page where you can specify what you want. Check it out and get 20% off with my code: SHANNAN20 ➡ . #holidayfun #funnyelf #christmaself. .


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