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Chewable Toothpaste Tablets 😆

I found a new kind of toothpaste that's made with all natural ingredients!! It's a chewable #toothpaste tablet from @weldental that comes in an #ecofriendly refillable, recyclable glass container. What a smart alternative to the traditional plastic tube toothpastes we usually use. It tastes great and is quick and easy to use plus creates alkaline saliva. These are the only eco friendly toothpaste tablets that are #flouridefree & silica free and enamel safe. You simply bite the toothpaste tablet, chew to a fine consistency and brush.They come in a box with three 60 tablet compostable plastic free bags made from plant-based materials and then you can just put them in the refillable glass container. 🌎 To learn more about this new natural eco-friendly toothpaste visit ➡




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