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📱 Check out Zelah's XGO3  smartwatch from xplora!   It’s a phone!

📱 Check out Zelah's XGO3  smartwatch from xplora!   It’s a phone kids can wear and it has all kinds of easy to use features! It's specifically designed for kids ages 4-12 and has parental controls for everything. This smartwatch is the perfect way to give Zelah a safe introduction to the digital world and a better balance between screen time and physical activity! 

She loves how independent it makes her feel because she can make phone calls & text messages by herself (but only to the approved contacts set up by me in the app). She has full use of all the other features too but I still am able to control everything in the parents app! There are no internet capabilities so I don't need to worry about unapproved online play. Plus, it has a camera, gps and step counter that encourages physical activity! 

One of my favorite features is the Safety Zones that alert parents when the child goes out of a safety zone the parent set up. I love how I can stay connected with her wherever she is. I can see why Xplora is the leading provider of smartwatches for kids. To learn more about the XGO3 smartwatch with the SIM visit




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